USDA Inspected Beef & Lamb, Flash Frozen, Vacuum Sealed for Premium Flavor Retention and Optimum Food Safety


Humanely Raised

Our animals are raised in a humane manner and every consideration is given to their welfare. This approach yields a higher quality product and is consistent with our core values of being good stewards of the animals entrusted to our care.

No Antibiotics/Hormones

Our meat is produced naturally and never given antibiotics or hormones.  Cattle/Sheep in feedlots are routinely given growth hormones and systemic antibiotics which yield factory food.


Our meat is 100% grass-fed/finished and the animals live their entire lives on pasture. They eat a natural diet of grass, and may receive other grasses like silage and hay when weather conditions prevent grazing. 

The Beef is dry aged for at least 21 days to concentrate flavor and tenderize the meat


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