GoodStuff Ceritified Farms, 100% Grass Fed/Finished

Our partners are all multi generational family farms located in Southwest Virginia. GoodStuff Brand Meats is what we serve in our homes and is a reflection of our values which are to be a blessing to those around us and to be good stewards of the animals and land entrusted to us. To that end, we have implemented sustainable farming practices that reflect those values.  Our animals graze in large open pastures with fresh water and are fed and finished on grass.

 Rotational Grazing Practices

Wetlands Preservation

Low-stress Livestock Handling 

Water Conservation Practices


Our CATTLE are born, raised and finished naturally on open grass pastures. They are completely grass-fed and grass-finished.  No corn, food by-products, litter, growth hormones or systematic antibiotics are used to fatten our cattle. The grass they graze is free of herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers.  None of the bad stuff just the Good Stuff!

Our SHEEP are born, raised and finished naturally on open grass pastures.  Other than spending the first 2 days of their lives in lambing pens, they are completely grass-fed/finished. Even our weaning is done naturally, often letting female lambs wean themselves thereby reducing stress. No corn, by-products, litter, hormones or antibiotics are used. 


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