Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Grass Fed and Finished' mean? 

When you specify both Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished this means our Cattle and Sheep are only fed pasture grasses and legumes (e.g., clover, alfalfa) and grass/legume hay from start to finish. They never eat any corn or any form of grain. You can have Grass-Fed beef that is weaned on corn/grain but Finished, aka "fattened", on grains/corn.  They eat no animal, agricultural, or industrial by- products. This means that our meat has the full mineral, nutrient and omega-3 fatty acid profile typical of green pasture raised animals. 

Do you cook grass Fed and Finished meat differently?

Typically grass-fed/finished meat cooks about 30% faster because it is leaner and free of added by-products. See Cooking Tips.

Are you Certified Organic?

Our GoodStuff Brand Meat Certified Producers actually exceed certified organic standards.  We deploy holistic farming practices by rotating animals regularly through different pastures.  The animal impact works in harmony with nature and promotes fertility, microbial activity and healthy topsoil.  The livestock actually heal the land. Not only do we not use hormones, preventative antibiotics, or steroids, we keep our cattle and sheep on pastures 365 days of the year, not in distant feedlots and we never feed grain.  This is not a requirement by organic standards, but we believe in nurturing our animals and raising them the way nature intended.

Is your meat Dry-Aged?

Yes we Dry-age our beef at least 21 days. Dry-aged beef is rare, available only in the very best restaurants and from gourmet butcher shops. Why rare? Because dry-aging is very expensive. Why desired? Because dry-aging produces unparalleled flavor and tenderness.

How is the meat packaged?

GoodStuff Brand Meats uses a family owned USDA Inspected meat packing facility.  An inspector examines every animal individually when they are harvested and when the meat is being packaged. Cuts are prepared by hand, not by machine. The beef is vacuum packaged in cryovak, so that the meat can be viewed through the packaging. Meat packed in vacuum pack will never freezer burn, unless the vacuum pack is punctured or compromised. We caution our buyers to handle their vacuum pack meat carefully to avoid putting holes in the packaging.  This is especially true of lamb.

Can we visit your farms?

Go to our Reserve page to arrange a visit.


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